Dr. Abtin conducts various Seminars in the community. Substance Abuse Seminar Series and The Couples Relationship tune-up has been very well attended and have had excellent  reviews from the Tucson community for the last  several years. If you would like Dr. Abtin to conduct a seminar in your organization or to invite her for other speaking arrangements, please email us at alexis213@hotmail.com. We will be honored to add you to our email list regarding any future seminars.


Couples Relationship Tune up! 
This seminar will provide information about principles and concepts important in developing and maintaining successful relationships. The information can assist the participants to develop insight to their current or past relationships. It promotes a soul searching process that can trigger positive changes in individuals and in their relational dynamics. The seminar is based on Dr. Abtin’s Team Approach. It addresses family of origin and systemic dynamics, learning history, personality factors, mental health issues and communication skills, the role of faith and spirituality as they affect the foundation of the couple relationship. This seminar is a synthesis of insights based on clinical experience, treatment outcomes and insights developed through years of therapy provided to individuals, couples and families. These principles have helped many individuals and couples to have more fulfilling relationships. This seminar will help identify constructive attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that set a upward spiral in relationships. By understanding the pitfalls and intentionally implementing these principles, skills and attitudes, couples can move their relationships from the stuck points and successfully maneuver the slippery slopes to reach healthier relational grounds.  This seminar is designed to help couples fine-tune their relationships by developing self awareness and insight to their dynamics. It will help couples who plan to marry in the future to develop a healthy foundation for marital bless and will help single individuals to develop an insight that enables them to develop and maintain healthier relationships.

Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize the tenets, values, styles and approaches to relationships that would lead to success or failure of a couple relationships and/or marriage.
2. Describe how childhood issues, personality factors, mental health illness and other factors affect couple and marital relationships.
3. Describe and discuss how partners can build a good relationship or marriage, and what principles are involved.
4. Discuss the role of spirituality and Christian faith in enhancing the life of a relationship and how it can impowe the couples toward a sense of mutual purpose and meaning.To understand the importance couple counseling for couples that their own efforts have proven ineffective in propelling them to a more functional path in their relationship.

Substance Abuse Seminar


This seminar will provide information on biopsychosocial model of substance abuse and dependence. It addresses the factors that lead to the development of alcoholism and dependence on other illicit or prescribed substances. It serves as an early intervention technique to divert substance abusers from diving into dependence without awareness of the major issues that usually if known may curtail drug use and may lead to help seeking behavior. It may instigate the individual from shifting from a state of ambivalence to becoming treatment ready. This seminar also can serve as a relapse prevention technique to assist in the maintenance of a recovery program and can serve as a booster to take them to their recovery path again. The information can assist the participants to develop insight to the factors that has fueled their use of drugs and alcohol and can trigger positive changes in individuals and in their recovery dynamics. The seminar is based on Dr. Abtin’s years of experience as a chemical dependency counselor working in variety of settings and helping many individuals who struggled with addictions to develop a path of solid recovery. It addresses the physiological effects of alcohol and other substances on one’s health, the effect of substance abuse on marital, occupational and family relationships, attachment issues and bonding problems, family of origin influences, learning history, personality factors, mental health issues, family roles of dysfunctional family systems, and the role of faith and spirituality in recovery from substance dependence. This seminar also addresses the impact of drinking and drug use on driving and reviews the dose related physiological effects and the safety issues related to drinking under the influence. This seminar is ideal for teenagers, parents, teachers, and individuals struggling with substance use and dependence.

Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize the class of substances and their physiological effects

2. Understand the difference between substance abuse and dependence

3. Describe the role of childhood issues, trauma, family history, intergenerational and genetic factors, personality factors, social factors, peer influence, belief and value systems, thoughts and mental health problems in the development of substance abuse and addictions

4. Discuss the role of spirituality in recovery

This insightful book assists couples and other individuals to identify and change attitudes and behaviors that lead to relationship problems and dysfunction

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Reviews of The Couples Manual

This manual is an effective tool to work with couples. It is concise and very readable. The Couples Manual is full of great tools that can help just about every couple. Both men and women can gain needed insight into the dynamics of their relationship. It will help them improve their communication and understanding of each other.

Brett Inman, Counselor /pastor, Tucson, Arizona

I found the manual to be a refreshingly clear and concise but comprehensive summary of what it takes to foster a good marriage. So many books are wordy and overwhelming, but this one gets right to the main points. It provides the basic elements of good marriage, and then a person can zero in on specific areas that need strengthening and pursue those in more depth if needed. For a husband who doesn't want to get bogged down in tons of info, its great!

Lisa Wood , Teacher, Tucson, Arizona

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The Couples Manual, homework assignments and therapy interventions are based on a specific style of couples therapy developed by the author Dr. Azita Abtin, called Abtin Couples Team Therapy © (ACTT). ACTT is a specific systemic, strategic and structured treatment plan which was developed through her work with couples from 2005 to 2013 at Abtin Consultation Firm. The aspiration for this work came from observation of Olympic teams to achieve Gold medals, military team work to carry on missions, and observations, outcome measures, and literature reviews on successful and happy marriages. There are specific homework assignments that have been created and modified as the result of the insights developed through many years of experience with couples, observations during the course of short and long term client cases, clients reports, and outcome evaluations.  The specific exercises and assignments were developed by the author and are the property of Abtin Consultation Firm. Dr. Abtin uses the specific assignments and interventions which are tailored to specific therapeutic needs of clients. The details of treatment are not reflected in this manual. The assignments are accumulative and experiential in nature. They build on the last assignment like a tapestry. This means that they are designed within the therapeutic crucible based on dynamics displayed in the sessions and the specific therapeutic goals. For example the House homework is based on three other assignments prior to it.  The Marital Vision is based on few others and the House. The order and use of specific interventions varies based on clinical observations and clients development in therapy. The assignments have multiple purposes and functions. They are used as the therapist's assessment tools and a guide for treatment. The assignments help the therapist to maintain a specific focus, address the underlying issues, and systematically restructure, repair or create new dynamics. They also create the content of the sessions, prevent redundant or avoidance tactics by partners, and initiate dialogues between the couples, or between the couples and their therapist. 

Dr. Abtin Conducting Various Seminars


Dr. Abtin was ranked as one of the Top 3 Marriage Counselors in Tucson, Arizona in 2015. Please check her listing at  this link Three Best.

Dr. Abtin was handpicked Best Rated Marriage Counselors in Tucson, Arizona based on customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and their general excellence.

Premarital Training

In addition to extensive work in  marital counseling, Dr. Abtin also provides premarital counseling for couples interested to start their family on the right footing and avoid future serious marital issues, separation and divorce. Dr. Abtin uses her remarkable informative, The Couples Manual, in conjunction to various dynamic team building exercises to strengthen and empower couples relationship foundation before the couples tie the knot.  The couples who have received these trainings have done better than average as indicated by follow-up interview, self report and outcorainingme measures. Please call 520-272-9497 to arrange for initial interview and to be selected as a candidate.

Family Counseling

Dr. Abtin has provided family counseling for families since 1994 using structural family therapy to treat dysfunctional family systems and improve family relationships and dynamics. Dr. Abtin also provides counseling for partners and family members of alcohol and substance dependent individuals.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling

Having worked in the field of chemical dependency for over 20 years, Dr. Abtin has provided successful substance abuse treatment for motivated individuals who have failed previous attempts in recovery or are looking to strengthen an already established recovery program.

"I am blessed and honored to serve my patients all these years. It has been a tremendous learning experience professionally and spiritually."

Azita Abtin (2015)

Abtin Couples Team Therapy (ACTT)





Future Directions

The Couples Manual: Dr. Abtin recently published her book The Couples Manual that was used and read by many of her couples and seminar participants for many years. The manual helps the readers to change the misconceptions and behaviors that damages the foundation of marital and couple relationships. The book can be purchased from Amazon or directly from Abtin Consultation. To obtain a copy, patients can request to purchase the manual. Seminar participants can get one by participation in the Couple Relationships tune up Seminar.

Marital Counseling

There is no substitute for marital counseling as an avenue to change your relationship to your partner. Dr. Abtin has done intensive work with couples in the last 20 years and has helped many couples fulfill their dreams of better marriage. Her therapy methods have changed over the years as the result of intensive work and most couples who stick with the course of treatment can benefit from this fine-tuning and experiencially developed outcome driven techniques. Dr. Abtin quickly exposes the barriers to therapy in order to get a commitment for future work. Dr. Abtin requires a firm commitment from her clients to work together in a collaborative atmosphere to change maladaptive beliefs and patterns that hinder personal and marital growth and fulfillment. Her work with couples utilizes series of assignments, family of origin work, exposing self defeating attitudes and beliefs, understanding and insight to couples dynamics, and other techniques in assisting the couples to move from automatic mindless reactive existence together to the development of a conscious, authentic, purpose driven and intentional relationship.

In addition to our therapy and educational services, Abtin Consultation is moving toward developing psycho-educational media, seminars and manuals to benefit the public, the school system and the community.

Employment Opportunities

Seminar Organizer

We are looking for an individual to help us organize seminars. If you have an impeccable attention to details and enjoy  leadership opportunities and service, please contact Dr. Abtin to arrange for an interview or a meeting.


Social Media Manager

If you have a talent in developing short films or videos of events or have a vision, we may be able to utilize your expertise. We can use your talent to create psycho-educational video clips to convey the nature of relational and psychological issues, treatments and interventions or improve public awareness of issues and concerns. Please call Dr. Abtin at 520-272-9497 or email us if interested.