Honors and Awards

The National Register Early Career Psychologist Credentialing Scholarship (2007).

Golden War on Terrorism Service Medal, USAF (2005).

National Defense Service Medal, USAF (2005).

Air Force Longevity Service Award, USAF (2005).

Outstanding Unit Service Award, USAF (2005).

Nominated for the Air Force Psychologist of the Year Award (2004).

Outstanding Achievement Award for being at the top 5% of EPPP, Davis Monthan AFB (2004).

Spalding Scholarship, (1997-2001).

Nominated for Malinkrat Award in Nuclear Medicine

College Scholarship Award (U of L) (1984-1988)

Veterans Administration Volunteer Service Award, (1987).

Psy Chi National Honor Society

Golden Key National Honor Society

1st Place: International Drawing Competition in Korea.


Dr. Abtin utilizes bio-psychosocial system model. Well versed in cognitive behavioral and psycho-dynamic conceptualization, her Interventions are multi-modal and tailored to the client's needs and the treatment plan and goals are collaboratively decided. Spiritual and Christian perspectives are used when  requested by the client.

Dr. Azita Abtin (Psy.D.) is a clinical psychologist and an Arizona licensed psychologist. She is the founder and the director of Abtin Consultation. She has had a private practice, providing individual, couple and family therapy, conducting groups and providing seminars, consultation and psychological assessment for the Tucson Community. She is the recipient of the National Register Early Career Psychologist Credentialing Scholarship Award for 2007. Dr. Abtin was the chair of Law and Psychology Committee for Southern Arizona Psychological Association in Tucson, Arizona for two years and organized groups and educational seminars for other Arizona psychologists. Dr. Abtin was ranked as the top three marriage counselors in Tucson, Arizona in 2015 based on customer reviews (see next page).

Dr. Abtin is a psychologist endorsed by the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. She has seen clients since 1994 as a therapist and a Chemical Dependency Counselor and later as a psychologist since 2001. She works extensively with individuals, couples and families and has assisted many clients to develop better relationships and improve their psychological wellbeing.

Dr. Abtin was a  consultant for St. Luke's Hospital Bariatrics Surgery Team in Phoenix and provided psychological testing reports for patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Since 2005, she provided ongoing Substance Abuse and Adult Responsibility seminar series for the Arizona Courts Diversion Program. She also conducts various seminars including the remarkable "the Couples and Marriage Tune-up" seminar series which has received excellent reviews from the participants and the Tucson community. She has frequently been invited to speak to various audiences about psychological topics of interest for several local organizations.  She has served as consultant to individuals, parents, physicians, psychiatrists, lawyers, Employee Assistant Programs (EAPs) and military commanders.




Dr. Abtin obtained her Doctor of Psychology Degree (Psy.D.). from Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky. She was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for four years before she became a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor. She worked as a therapist working and having practicum training at variety of settings such as Bellewood Presbyterian Home for Children, Caritas Medical Center, Jefferson County Drug and Alcohol Abuse Center, Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children, Bingham Child Guidance Center, University of Louisville Counseling Center, Highland Community Ministries Counseling Center and the Lutter Lucket Medium Security Correctional Facility in Le Grange, Kentucky.

Dr. Abtin completed her internship as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Later, she was stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB) in Arizona. Azita was the Chief of the Mental Health Clinic and frequently served as the Acting Mental Health Flight Commander overseeing the flight’s clinical and administrative operations. Dr. Abtin has served in many leadership roles in her career. She has been the chief of Mental Health Clinic (LSSC), the Chief of Critical Incident Stress Management teams for the 355th Wing at DMAFB, Chief of Substance Abuse Services Element, Chief of Behavioral Health Services and the Chief of Education and Training for the Mental Health Flight. Dr. Abtin also taught college courses and is an adjunct professor of psychology at Park University on DMAFB.

Dr. Abtin has dedicated her life to helping others reach their full potential and often lectures on the subject of Couples Relationships and provides seminars for the community. Regarded as an expert in working and changing marital relationships of many clients, Dr. Abtin has written a book for couples which is published on Amazon (please see the section about us for more information on the book). She has developed a set of exercises and homework which enhance her therapeutic effectiveness with her clients. Dr. Abtin receives referrals from other Tucson psychologists, primary care physicians and psychiatrists familiar with her work. Dr. Abtin has acted as a consultant to lawyers, local organizations, military commanders and other psychologists. Dr. Abtin believes that honesty, integrity, and a healthy perspective are essential components of happiness.

 Dr. Abtin is a painter, musician, composer and a writer. She has painted for many years. She also enjoys photography. To view few of her art work, please visit our gallery page.

If you would like to schedule an appointment  or to invite Dr. Abtin for speaking arrangements, please call (520)272-9497 today and start your path to personal growth, emotional health and intentional and satisfying relationships.